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Hiking and shopping....

Well, yesterday I hiked up Mt. Nuovo. It is right near where I am staying. It is a young volcano...it just erupted 500 years ago so it is still a baby! I hiked up the trail, passed a decaying cat..is that a sign, I wondered...kept going up, up, up...It got pretty steep at times. At the edge of the crater, I looked down..it is even steeper on the inside of the crater! It had trees and rocks in the crater...nothing like I was expecting..then again, if I saw lava and steam, I may not be here typing this now!!!! Took a picture and then turned around and took a picture of the coastline, bay, and all the boats...it was a nice scene from up so high.....

Sat on a wall and rested a little...thank goodness I brought ice water! Returned home, passed the cat again...caught some rays....not too many, but I definitely scream "tourist" with this pale skin!

On to today....I went to Pozzuoli...had this wierd feeling that I should go see this church for St. Gennaro..not sure why except that I knew an Italian in high school with that last name so maybe that was a factor...anyway, I get there just as a bride and groom are being pelted with confetti...it was nice...so I sat and watched from a distance while they visited.... Then it struck me as odd...they (pretty much everyone except the bride) were wearing black AND this was a Monday wedding at noon...hmmmmm...

Well, I waited until they cleared the area and a man who was sweeping informed me that the church was closed...I think it closed at noon....DARN!!!! It didn't open for 3 more hours or some such nonsense based on what he mumbled in Italian.... so I caught a bus back to town and it was time for stores to close so I went home, made pasta and had to open a can of tomatoes by stabbing it with a knife!!! I couldn't find a canopener in the house!! Of course, I didn't hold the can with my other hand...what am I, stupid??? It was messy, but it worked.

Then I got some sun, knitted, and when it was cooler I went back out to shop a little. I ended up buying a bathing suit and a tanktop. I wasn't looking to really buy anything, but if the suit fits....and it's on sale....you know the rest.... Now I can lay out in my new suit and get no tan lines on my rear if you know what I mean...JUST KIDDING!!! They have those here, but I didn't get one!

My favorite little pizzeria is closed on Tuesdays so I went by and ordered a sandwich to go..I can make 3 meals out of it! I also ordered tiramisu because who goes to Italy and doesn't try that??? It was good, by the way......

Posted by thedcgroup 12:37

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Being up front and personal with a volcano sounds cool... I bet the view was awesome... I guess the locals don't mind living next to them? Those Italians aren't very smart...

You mean the guy's house your watching doesn't have a can opener? What the...

I can't wait to see the bathing suit... you mean your not tanning nude like you do back here in Florida? :)

All these exotic Italian foods are making me hungry... are you sure your not going to have to buy two seats on the plane for the trip back??? LOL LOL

Just curious... Do you miss Florida? Do you miss A/C and flat roads? Do you miss me? Or are you ready to stay a few more months...?


by SysAdm

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