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Yesterday, I headed to Naples (Napoli as they call it) to visit a castle and ride a funicular (whatever the heck that it)...I rode the thing (a fancy name for an inclined railroad) to Vomero -- a cleaner, middle class, quieter part of Naples that overlooks the city. For 3 Euro, you can ride an elevator to the top of the castle to take pics, but you can't wander around it. What a ripoff! So, I started browsing through some books there of other sights and museums in Naples that I may want to visit and I heard an American voice.....so I introduced myself. That is how I happened to hang out with Andy for the day. He was traveling alone (since his wife and 2 small children couldn't come along), seeing the sights, and heading out of the country for a conference in a week.

We walked next door, but the museum of San Martino seemed boring, so we took some pics of the city overlook (for free!) and caught another funicular down to the lower city. We saw the Galleria Umberto (Mom and I saw that. It's a glass domed mall of sorts.) Then we visited Piazza Plebiscito, a very famous open area to walk...or meet people.

For lunch, we headed to Gambrinu's (a famous spot), but it is slightly more expensive for a light lunch..so we turned the corner and went to a pizzeria. I explained to Andy the fact that you have to pay to sit at a table!!! They call it a coperti and it is a couple of euros to sit down....come on, what do they expect?? You are going to order pasta and pizza and STAND to eat???!!!

Anyway, we visited the gardens of the Royal Palace and decided to go inside. We saw the Royal theatre, where G7 members met a few years back. They had a throne room and some clocks from the 1700's....who even needed to know the time back then???

All of these places are next door to each other...even the Castel Nuovo....New Castle. This time we could walk in this one. It had this neat area where skeletons were exposed beside ancient ruins and walls....you actually stand on plexiglass about 5 feet above the crypts so it is strangely like you are walking on air..disconcerting at times. I, of course, wondered why they didn't hide the skeletons and put fake ones out to be respectful to the dead....

We headed over to the Church of Santa Chiara and walked in only to see a couple getting married way up front!!!! on a Tuesday!!! There were several other tourists inside..that would be irritating if it was MY wedding....we politely waited and then wandered around. There were many sarcophagi (big boxes with bones in them) all over the perimeter! It was too late to see the cloister, but we did see a monk...strange to me because it was a Catholic church...but I am not Catholic so maybe there are Catholic monks around.....?

We went to the Church of Gesu Nuovo. They are trying to get a famous Catholic doctor made into a saint to the best of my understanding. He died in 1927, but miraculously healed a young boy of leukemia first. It was a HUGE place and his rooms had been left just like he walked out a moment ago. (It does appear that he lived there.) People were praying to his statue and I even saw a nun go to confession...guess I never thought that they would have anything to confess.... The confessional was odd..you walked right up and faced the priest, not secretly to the side....

Enjoyed a pastry with Nutela in the middle (yum) and a lemon slushy granita and more cold water.....I swear that you sweat so much that you would sell your soul for cold water! In fact, I have been carrying around a frozen bottle of water...it is heavenly when it starts to thaw....but it makes my back hurt from carrying my pack of maps, ice, camera, etc....

At this point, my feet and back were hurting from all the walking so we parted ways...of course, I took a picture so you all wouldn't think I just walked around the city talking to myself....ha ha He's heading off to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast and I will visit there before I leave Italy.....

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You travel the world... I make chore lists for my family to feel like they can participate in our household. What different lives we lead! I see no Greece trip. Is the weather much different from here? We have been close to 100 degrees several days now. But if it is that hot and no air conditioning I would stay close to a fountain too. Maybe not a nipple fountain, there's something odd about water shooting from the breasts of a statue.

Think of me... your domestic goddess friend :)

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