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The past week has been ordinary. My host returned from his trip on Sunday so I went to pick him up at the airport. For luch, we had swordfish -- the first seafood I have eaten while here. It was really good grilled with just oil and lemon. Why is it back home that we feel the need to drown our food in sauces?? That is one thing I like here....the food is fresh, with no chemicals or preservatives.

I decided against going to the island of Capri. It is the official month of vacation for Italians so it will mean big crowds and long lines for everything. I did go to the beach late one afternoon. It was weird because the sand is grey and not like back home. It is like being on dirt. The water was nice, though. I had rotisserie chicken from a roadside stand that is very popular. The man sprays something on the chicken before he gives it to you...the container looks like one they use for pesticide! ha ha It was really good!

I bought my train tickets for when I leave here next week. That was an ordeal. I had to buy like 7 tickets and one Italian man started yelling because it was taking so long. I didn't let him cut in front of me...I was there first so he had to wait. He eventually quieted down when he saw I wasn't fazed. It did take almost 45 minutes for me to finish.....I booked my rooms so I am all set to backpack and I hope everything goes smoothly. I also hope my train windows go down or that they have AC!!

I went to the beach again this morning before it was crowded. The first hour it was overcast and cool. Then the sun came out and I roasted! There was a man not too far away who kept staring...what a freak! How about you go fix your missing teeth and put on a decent bathing suit!! It was a white speedo...and a little too transparent. He strutted around with his chicken legs, but I never would make eye contact...Personally, when it comes to men's swimming attire, more is better!!!

Then I grabbed an espresso with cold milk and a chocolate pastry -- my daily ritual now -- and walked through the town of Bacoli. It was riposo time so the shops were closing. I caught a bus back to my town and inspected the damage. I now officially have some kind of minor tan.....yeah!!

Still planning an Amalfi Coast trip before I leave next week and maybe back to Naples.

Posted by thedcgroup 09:21

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Darn it... do you mean I have to go return the (3) new Speedos I just bought. I thought I'd surprise you when you got back, but then again, if you've already seen a hundred Italians in one, what's one more? .... * I just tried one of mine on... how do they keep everthing from falling out???!!! Oh yea, that's right, I'm not an average Italian!!! LOL LOL ....* Thought that would make you laugh..

Glad you bought your tickets, now I hope they work when you go to use them... not like last time!

Speaking of chicken legs, it sounds like yours are finally rotissare brown?!! Can't wait to see them!!

Hope you have fun at Amalfi Coast...


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