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Rome in a day!

Well, you can't actually see everything in Rome in one day...we haven't been to any islands yet as planned...but we did make it to Rome yesterday (Saturday).

It was an adventure in more ways than one! We had problems with my railpass when we bought tickets so the man at the train station told us to get a refund for them back home. He had to call the Rome terminal to try to use the numbers. Mom and I waited for over an hour, then checked back with him, and he gave us the seat reservations, telling us the railpasses were basically not working. blah, blah, blah....

Thinking we paid for the trip on the train since he gave us seat assignments, we got on the train Saturday...two hours into the trip, when they checked our tix, we were informed that we hadn't paid afer all!!!! We had to visit the train officials in the main station when we arrived. The English was translated wrong when I originally reserved our seats and then again on the train because it went from our railpass numbers not working to my railpasses being stolen! Not true! Aaaargh!

One girl at the station was very helpful and said she was getting off of work soon but that she would tell her friendliest coworker our story to help us when we returned later on...as fate would have it, the coworker didn't come in and we were on our own again to explain this horrible story to several more people in a mixture of English, Spanish, and Italian...

Later we had to report to the station an hour early to figure out what to do since we apparently hadn't paid to return home either (according to their computers)....Well, that is not exactly true -- we paid $600 back home....believe me, I will be on the phone for a refund with STA travel!!!! We had to buy tix for the Eurostar, their fast train at 300 km per hour, but it was a comfy ride back home..and we got back early!

Now, on to Rome itself....We chose to see the Palatine Hill, Forum, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps....Trevi Fountain is beautiful, with a marble Neptune between 2 godesses...it is massive and the legend says that is you throw 1 coin in, you will return soon to Rome, 2 coins means you will fall in love there, 3 means you will marry ....so Mom and I threw in one each!! It makes sense -- we are returning in a few days for her flight out!! :)

On to the Spanish steps, which are basically steps that are a great meeting place for people..they are even featured in a famous commercial (I think) about "asking her to marry you all over again"....

Then we went to the Ancient City part of Rome, beginning with Palatine Hill, where Augustus lived. That overlooks a lot of Rome, including the Forum....this is where the Vestal Virgins lived, keeping the flame lit, the Curia, where Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 B.C., many temples, graves proving Rome was founded around 753 B.C., places where they voted, their first sewer, the oldest street in Rome (hard to walk on since it is so uneven!)....then to the Colosseum where 5000 animals were killed in it's 100 opening days!! 50,000 people could file in and watch the show back then!!!!

Many blisters later, we headed to the train station and the cooler underground....When I return, I will go to the Vatican, but mom will be flying and can't go......

Posted by thedcgroup 02:26

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We enjoyed your commentary on your trip to Rome however the train tix worry us. Are you able to ride the train without having to pay over and over? Do you need trainfare in order to complete your itinerary? Do they have have Western Union?
Were you able to get an address? It sounds like you are having a great time disspite the train. We love reading about your ventures it makes us feel like we are riding on your coat tail. Hope to hear more later....

by ocalijoe

I told you not to buy your tickets out of the trunk from that guy in the alley before you left... Just let me know if you want me to contact "The Family" over there and take care of some knees for ya...

I heard about you two on the National News at the Trevi Fountain, they said you both threw in a handful of coins!!!!

With all those steps you've been climbing, and ancient roads, who needs the gym? Sounds like you and your mom will need a good foot massage when you get back... You should hit an Italian massage parlor... Italian women have really strong hands...

Rome sounds massive, with it's colosseums and statues... How were the locals, did you have any problems? Good luck on your return train ride back to Rome... and be careful!


by SysAdm

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